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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dancing With The Chachi

Have any of you wondered why Scott Baio is a judge on "Dancing With The Stars"? I didn't realize Scott had jazz hands and high kicks in his background.

I know...I know...Bruno Tonioli is the real judge and not Baio but in my mind, they are one and the same. It's more fun for me that way.

Judge Baioli is a flamboyant teen heart-throb from back in the day and says things such as:

"The tango is strong and sensual! It started off very sexy and powerful but somewhere towards the middle, Charles was no longer in charge! Five!"


"I was so mesmerized by your slow-slow-quick-quick-slow footwork that it lulled me into a saucy wonderland where everybody dances the Cha-Cha-Chachi! Nine!"

If I concentrate on Judge Baioli, then maybe I'll forget about Mark Cuban's butt-scar from his hip replacement surgery.

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Loren said...

I'm worried about Chachi. He does not look well. And I'm not sure looking at Mark Cuban's butt-scar is advisable under any circumstances. It doesn't seem wise.