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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mom Needs To Wear Her Glasses

Mom is remodeling her house. It has been a very long process. Olivia and I drove over to see how things were progressing. The good news: She finally found a contractor to install the outdoor siding. The garage is looking good! The bad news: She no longer finds a front door necessary so she boarded it up and took out the front porch.

Once Olivia and I found a way inside (let's hope she doesn't cover up the back door, too), Olivia made her usual request: "Gloppy (don't ask...Gary and I have NO IDEA where she came up with Gloppy), draw a picture of me." After giving Mom a pencil and some paper, Olivia struck a ballerina pose. Mom drew Ballerina Olivia and handed the paper over for inspection. After one glance, Olivia said with slight exasperation, "Gloppy, you need your glasses." Mom was then presented with her glasses and a clean piece of paper. Again, Olivia went into her ballerina stance so Mom With Glasses could draw a more accurate/acceptable picture.

I picked up the vision-impaired drawing for a closer look and saw what Olivia was concerned about. Check out the hands above her head. Check out her arms. Does one hand have only four digits? Is one of her elbows extra large? What's up with that one wrist? The last time I checked, Olivia had human hands, arms and wrists.

If Mom wore her glasses more often, perhaps she would realize that her new plywood "door" is secured to the wall by nails instead of hinges.

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