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Sunday, January 24, 2010

24 Things

In honor of the 24th day of the month, I am going to list 24 things that may make me angry/sad-ish, frustrate or upset me AND things that may make me happy or give me a laugh.  I will not specify to which group each thing belongs:

  1. Painted toenails.
  2. Raisins.
  3. Ambiguous communication and unclear intentions/futures.
  4. "The Room".
  5. The cats who roam around Mom's house and jump in my lap for some attention.
  6. Kit Kat bars.
  7. Non-stop rain for two to four days in a row.
  8. Buttermilk biscuits.
  9. Birthday parties.
  10. Odd/Uncomfortable situations in public.
  11. Leg warmers.
  12. Portland, OR.
  13. Coffee shop chit-chat.
  14. Driving all day long.
  15. Sushi.
  16. Costco.
  17. The Disney Channel.
  18. Baked potatoes.
  19. Chucks.
  20. Snakes.
  21. Losing power and not having a fully charged battery.
  22. Ceviche.
  23. That weird smell in my car.
  24. Whatever bulb that is pushing through the ground next to my Japanese maple.  Not tulips but I can't remember what the things are called.
Upon review, this random list turned out to be almost evenly split.  How ridiculously average of me.

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