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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

My Grocery Shopping Hero!

Courtesy of Tom's wife....

If I weren't already semi-married, I'd TOTALLY enter into a civil union with this gal. Well, depending on the state involved and such. I doubt it's an option in Texas...or Kentucky.


Tom said...

Genius comes to eBay

Abi said...

Is this lady for real? And is Tom related to me?

Leah said...

Tom is the son of Aunt Glenda who is the sister of Aunt Wendy which makes Tom the cousin of Tim and also the cousin of Abi. Tom's wife is the wife of Tom and the daughter-in-law of Aunt Glenda which makes her the niece-in-law of Aunt Wendy and the cousin-in-law of Tim and also Abi.

And, yes, this lady is for real.