It's All About Me

I'm a young-ish mom to Olivia (on the brink of being old-ish) who looks for humor in most situations but can be overly sarcastic at times.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day One

Today, I am officially 35 years older than this blog. This may not seem terribly exciting to you but it's a big deal to me. When did I become 'almost old'? I have an iPod, for cryin' out loud! If an 'old' person wanted to listen to music whilst out for a stroll, she would carry a boom box on her shoulder...the kind with big square speakers on either side and a dual cassette deck. I'm all about my teeny silver clip-on box with the playlist set to shuffle so I'll always be surprised.

"Unnnskinny bop...just bloooows me away...unnnskinny bop bop...alllllll night and day...unnnskinny bop bop bop bop..."

Damn straight. Would an 'almost old' person rawk this much? Didn't think so. It's a good thing we got this settled before things got persnickity. Don't ever bring it up again and we'll get along just fine.


Loren said...

OK, you're not old until the boombox you used to carry on your shoulders was a multi-stacking turntable. Those things are *heavy.*

What the hell is "unskinny bop"?

Chocolate chip mint goes well with any kind of Jamoca ice cream. Have it for dinner today!

John said...

Aaaah...Getting older...a true pleasure. I'm now beginning to realize the old man that nature intended me to be. When I was young(er), I used to crack up when I would see old men with what appeared to be a mini hair factory protruding from their ears. Now that it's beginning to happen to me, it's actually a little less funny.